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Discover how YOU can Banish Dental fear and

Eliminate your Dental Anxiety and Phobia NOW

It has taken a couple of years to develop this unique dental phobia cure

But now you can be cured

Benefit in more ways than one from this unique product. Folks like you need this advantage saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars!*

From: Marylyn Poynter

Dear Dental Phobia Sufferer,

For several years we have researched dental phobia and have gone to great lengths to provide you with a strategy that we know has helped hundred of thousands. For a very small amount you too can benefit from this SAME strategy that we're using to help our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I still see HUNDREDS of customers wasting time and money on useless visits and products all because they have not sought out the true and genuine providers of this phobia cure!

We here at the Dental Anxiety and Phobia Association have spent a lot of time looking for a solution that's easy for you to use…

Every organization we have come across is selling or advising the same old thing without any evidence that the product works, so don’t fall for these ways again…

Our strategy has the potential of not only helping you with dental phobia but it will

Help other phobias as well.

What No more Dental Fear will result in….

  1. Your pain is gone
    Get tips on how you can make this last forever!

  2. Your toothache days over!
    Know how to avoid them occurring!

  3. You are no longer a dental cripple! You feel great and in control! Learn to maintain that control!

  4. No more sweaty shaky hands. This strategy you can apply to all anxious and fearful situations

  5. Panic attacks are a thing of the past
    Know how to control and abolish these panicky situations!

  6. That pounding heart dulled!
    You need never fear that ever increasing pounding heart again.

    Just know that you need never fear a dental visit ever again. You will reap the rewards in all aspects of your life!

  8. You are amazed with your success
    You need never waste another minute of your time. You will smile confidently and be an inspiration to those around you!

All these emotions shared by you led us to finding a solution;

Your frustration at finding a dentist that will listen, even calling the dental office and speaking to a member of staff left you terrified and frustrated, not to say anything about the pain you were enduring!

We have made things easy for you! We have catered to your very need and address your phobia!

Is it not true that you want to be




... Both of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

So that is why we have come up with your solution. This has been researched thoroughly and can be used in any dental office or indeed in any situation that causes you to be fearful!

It took 2 long years and $85,000 in development costs to provide you with this strategy – Eliminate your fear of the dentist now.

We took all the suggestions from our phobic patients and pooled them together to design a strategy that is specific to your needs!

We have included all the elements that are possible for you to carry out!
The strategy includes the EXACT suggestions for you to have complete control over that dental visit!

It will cover the simplest of situations from the immediate fear to the most phobic situations

We have also included some extra features and are delighted to share them with you!

Manage your dental phobia with this easy use strategy

You will

  • Smile confidently and you’re well being will greatly enhanced.
  • Be the real you!
  • No longer fear injections!
  • Not remember past bad experiences.
  • Be clam and composed.
  • Be a healthy fear free confident person that is liberated and raised to a new dimension!
  • Experience the release and elimination of mental and emotional dental anxiety

... This is truly your ULTIMATE "Solution to your Dental Phobia"


You can instantly know how to handle dental situations and no longer be baffeled

Fear and Anxiety in the Dental Office

Can be an immediate fear as you enter, my strategy will teach you how to deal with this. CLICK HERE to download the help you require to be FREE OF PAIN.

It may be that your fear is purely an environmental one and that you dislike dental offices or other places that deal with a disease or painful processes.
My guidelines will aid your ability to deal with this to the extent that you can custom make your own environment to suit your needs.

Learn how you can influence the dental team to meet your needs. The information you require will be presented in a positive manner in order to mitigate your fears of receiving “bad news”!

Nothing will be forced on you ever again in the dental office; you will not do anything against your will.


"I am really delighted with how things went in the dental office, I can’t thank you enough your CD was an enormous help! I was dental phobic and had not seen a dentist for 27 years. My situation was urgent! - I had a huge nasty hole in a wisdom tooth, a lot of pain and a big phobia to address!"

Thank you,

Hi there,

" I just looked at your healthy teeth website.
I haven't been to the dentist for about 8 years
and really need to overcome my phobia.
Any information you could provide would be gratefully received
kind regards….."

Reply 4 months later

Thank you. I have succeeded and feel very proud.

Fear of Pain

The relationship of fear and pain is not easy! It may well be that some dental stimulus like the needle, drill or instrument causes you to be fearful of the pain you may incur or that you experienced in the past. This in turn leads to the anxiety and the anticipitation that some catastrophe is likely to happen. You may well be overwhelmed and doubt your ability to cope! My technique will teach you how to deal with all of these fears and anxieties. These will be gone forever!

Dear Dr Poynter

"I am 51 and am desperate to have my teeth fixed but I cannot bring myself to even make an appointment. My teeth are dreadful and this has put a cloud on my personality as I don't like talking too much and won't smile. I feel almost too embarrassed to see a dentist because of their condition.
Hoping you can offer some much needed advice



"Since I have attended your clinic and received treatment from you, my life has changed beyond belief!
I can smile confidently and have a purpose in life that is more than I bargained for!
Thank you so much Marylyn for your help as a professional dentist."


Dear Dr

"I am terrified of going to the dentist. I have not been since I was 30 that is 24 years ago! I am so terrified that my husband has taken our children to the dentist as I could not go with them. I know my teeth are in need of treatment but am too frightened to see a dentist. The expense worries me too but that is not the reason for the phobia. I really would love to be able to cure this phobia and know that I can smile properly and not have breath problems. I hope to hear from you."

Yours sincerely

Dear Dr Poynter

"Thank you for your reply.
I found your website very helpful and indeed the use of the CD invaluable not only for the dental phobia which is now a thing of the past but for other anxious moments in my life e.g. appearing in public, the breathing technique is wonderful! Thank you so much."


Are you fearful and anxious when going to the dentist? Do you ask lots of questions? You are not alone in this! Extreme fear exists all over the world. Very recent statistics tell us that this figure has crept from 14% to 20% of the population globally.

You too can benefit NOW……… download

Please take time to read the following;

Treating Dental Fears; "My Choice or My Obligation?"
A Look at the Management and Treatment of Dental Anxiety
James H. King, D.D.S., B.C.E.T.S.

In this ultra-modern, high-tech age of dentistry, the problem of dental phobia still exists. Despite the fact that good dental hygiene and maintenance are becoming of increasing importance in today's health-oriented culture, over half of the American population suffers from dental phobia or related anxieties. The stirring technological advances which have propelled dental science into an art form have not quelled the worries of an anxious population.

Poor dental maintenance in early years has created a rift between the family and the family dentist. The dentist is an unknown quantity and his machines appear intrusive and dangerous. Therefore, the personal touch that a dentist cultivates becomes one of his most important tools.

Easing anxiety lies not only in creating the initial reassuring atmosphere, but in individual care and attention to detail. The dentist must emulate the family doctor of old, a true family friend

Regarding behavioural treatment of dental fear, a number of clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of treatment related to fear of dental drills and needles.
The patient is given relaxation training. Progressive muscle relaxation, other coping devices, such as, deep breathing and imagery, have also been used with much success.
The patient practices the relaxation technique.
As Franklin Roosevelt said, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." It could be added that the greatest fear is the fear within.

A good personality coupled with good techniques will lead the dental professional on the road to a healthy practice, with well informed, secure patients.

For over 20 years now I have had the privilege of providing dental services to extremely fearful patients. Having graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in dentistry, my Masters programme enabled me to understand where you are coming from. Some time later I was fortunate enough to take my Diploma in Clinical and Applied Hypnosis in Dentistry. This led to founding the Dental Anxiety and Phobia Association and I continue to work, teaching ‘management of the extremely nervous, anxious and Phobic Dental Patient ‘at the University of London! A spell at UW working alongside the world leaders from the Dental Fears Research clinic in Seattle led to my greater understanding of my anxious and fearful dental patients!

Eliminate your fear of the Dentist

available here just click will give you


Fear and Anxiety in the Dental Office
Pain and toothache
Memories of past bad experiences
Fear of Needles
Fear of other dental Instruments
Fear of having your teeth cleaned
Fear of loosing control

With Eliminate your fear of the Dentist

you can

Progress with your life Quickly!

With most other strategies you will be left and forgotten but with Eliminate your fear of the Dentist, it will be like starting a new life!
Have a better more confident one!

  • You will be free from Dental fear...
  • You need never experience Dental Pain again
  • You will be able to walk tall and be counted...
  • You will strive and move forward with your life...

... And much more!

No matter how fearful, anxious and phobic you are... Using Eliminate the fear of the Dentist will be life changing!

With "Eliminate your Fear of the Dentist" you need
never worry about other Fears

The cost of the downloadable strategy

is all you will need to pay!

The format is

  • Easy to obtain
  • Download with just one click
  • Immediately useable
  • Benefit straight away
  • No waiting for postage

Click below now for Eliminate your Fear of the Dentist
For as little as $69.99 you can have a fear free and confident life!

You have 30 days in which you can try this powerful strategy!

Of course, to "sweeten the deal" even MORE,
I'm also going to throw in...

Fantastic value bonuses

These are

-- Yours to keep, no matter what you decide!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to immediately guarantee the success of your purchase.

So if you act on or before 11 June 2006 as part of our special launch celebration, I've decided to give anyone who claims a copy of Eliminate your fear of the Dentist will get Three Special bonuses

Bonus #1: Advice on choosing your dentist $12

Bonus #2: Selecting your treatment options $15

Bonus #3: Improving your confidence $12

Yes $39 worth of free bonuses when you act NOW
Please your order NOW!

Eliminate your Fear of the Dentist

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